Fair Trade: A Human Journey

Vendor: Fair Trade Resource Network
Type: Book

By Eric St-Pierre, 2010 ~ 240 pg. book (10 x 13 inches hardcover, 4 lbs.) ~ high school level & above ~ $49.95 retail. Wholesale rates available for 10 or more copies to resellers (contact FTRN for details).

FTRN says: “Simply the best photo book available on Fair Trade and its producers! Through 350 stunning and highly illustrative photos combined with very well-researched narratives, St-Pierre presents an inclusive, broad picture of Fair Trade. This complete book also includes a brief history of Fair Trade, key statistics in global and Fair Trade, as well as discussions of certifications, labels, multinational corporations, producer networks and more. ”

Summary/review: This journey into the lives of artisans, peasants and workers from 15 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America traverses 14 Fair Trade sectors – from the most common, such as handicrafts, coffee and cocoa, to the lesser known, such as shea butter, quinoa and guarana. The author introduces us to producers, describes the processing chain for each product, and outlines the advantages and challenges of Fair Trade.