Think Fair Trade First!

Vendor: Fair Trade Resource Network
Type: Book

By Ingrid Hess, published February 2010 ~ Ages 3-8 ~ 40 color pages 8×9 inches, softcover book
$4 per copy while supplies last.

FTRN says: “A fun educational read and a joy to look at, this book is a rare and engaging Fair Trade resource for kids aged 3-8. Younger children can search for the ladybug on each spread, and listen to or read the fictional story. Older children can also read the nonfiction sections on each spread.”

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Stella & Henry are on a mission to find the perfect gift. With help from Aunt Mabel, the two children discover the world of Fair Trade and learn how shopping wisely can improve people’s lives.

The world needs more Aunt Mabels. This book will help create them . . . I can’t wait to have this book in my hands.
~ Candi Smucker, Co-owner, Baksheesh Fair Trade

Think Fair Trade First explains Fair Trade’s comprehensive approach to business and development with fun, educational content for kids and grown-ups alike. A great find for teachers to explain how their students can make the world a better place.
~ Carmen K. Iezzi, Executive Director, Fair Trade Federation

This book will be a welcome resource for socially responsible parents and teachers. . . The best part of the story-line is that the children arrive at their own decision to “think fair trade first,” an insight that matches the independent spirit of Fair Trade.
~ Jacqueline DeCarlo, Author of Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide

Kids understand fair and unfair . . . This colorful book will help kids, and adults, understand how they can help to make . . . trade fair for the people who make the products we buy. . . . . Our world really can be a better place to live for everyone if we all start to think fair trade first.
~ Doug Dirks, Ten Thousand Villages USA